Friday, July 23, 2010

The book is coming out soon!

So I've submitted the final proofs of the book and should be receiving a copy for approval in a couple of weeks. This is very exciting news!
As we wait, I'll be posting some photos of summaries of my stories in this collection, Birds, Bees, and Church Trailer Thieves.

Bullhorn. This short short is a description of a man who takes time out of his regular routine to be a street preacher. Inspired by the Nooma video by Rob Bell, it is an attempt to understand the desperation of the nameless man.


  1. Quick question: where can I find out more about this book, and where can I get my hands on a copy after it is released?

    Hope all is well down in NC!

  2. I'm posting about the book all week on this blog. And as soon as it is released, there will be a link on this blog to purchase an ebook or a paperback copy. :)