Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stitch Fix December Review!

OML, you guys, OML. I think I've gotten a Fix where I'll keep all five items! So loving this Fix thus far.
I worked on getting better quality photos for this review.
First, the dress. I got this dress in my last fix and loved everything except the fit. It was skintight below the waist, and that just isn't me. I mentioned that in my note to the stylist, and so she sent it again in this fix, in a bigger size!

As you can see, this size fits perfectly! You can still see my figure, but there's a little left to the imagination, just the way I like it.
In the last picture, you can see me putting on the sweater than came in my fix. Let me tell you, it is cuddly! Like wearing an oh so soft blanket. This sweater could not BE more me!

So yes, loving this sweater. It looks totally sophisticated and feels like comfort, so it's a winner.
Next up my stylist sent me boyfriend jeans. Normally, that's not a look I'm into. In the stores, "boyfriend jean" seems like code for "baggy crotch and skintight ankles." But these jeans, not so much. They do have tight ankles, but I finally figured out that the point of slim ankles is to make wearing boots OVER the jeans more convenient. Given that, I will probably keep the jeans, although normally I would run from jeans that are tight and ankle length.

And yes, I know it looks like they are long enough, but y'all, I am tall. I detest jeans that don't cover my ankles when I'm sitting down. These photos also don't show the cute wear and tear patches.
Next up is a great gray and black striped top with 3/4 sleeves. This looks like a great addition to my daily casual wardrobe - dressy enough with jewelry for a meeting, but casual enough to go to the playground with my daughter. I styled it with the infinity scarf the stylist included. Not sure really how to work with that yet, but it's cozy and I think I'll get the hang of it.

So, the scarf is $34, dress $78, sweater $78, jean $78, and top is $48. If I buy five, I'll get the 25%, which would effectively make the jeans free. Quite a deal!
What do you think? Keep it all? Tell me in the comments!

Want to try Stitch Fix yourself? Use MY link! I'll get a coupon if you do.
It's super fun. You take a style quiz, then schedule your first fix. There's a $20 styling fee, which is rolled into the price of any items you keep. You can also specify frequency of the Fix and the price range of clothes they'll send you. It's insanely fun.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Four Reasons Why Donald Trump is Working for the Democratic Party

I hate Donald Trump. I'm not going to be tactful about this. I think he's a nightmare, a racist, and a thoroughly despicable person.

I also think he's secretly employed by the Democratic party. Why?

1. He was originally registered as a Democrat. Despite his own claims to the contrary, Trump, (Or DonT as I'll be referring to him from here on out) used to be a Democrat.

2. He is going to split the Republican vote. If DonT doesn't get the Republican nomination, he's threatening to run as an independent. As we all know, this will result in the Democrats getting the biggest share of votes. Obviously, if DonT were actually a Republican, he wouldn't endanger their chances of getting into the White House this way.

3. He is so awful that he makes Jeb Bush seem OK. Before DonT came on the scene, people were already vocally dreading another Bush in the White House. But now Jeb actually seems like a reasonable choice. At least Jeb has some experience in politics, after all. Now, while this may seem like a Republican strategic move, it's also in the Democratic party's interest, because if Jeb were to be the nominee, they could move in with their "No more Bush" campaign pretty easily.

4. He's distracted the entire campaign from real issues. Healthcare, economic reform, climate change, privacy rights, educational funding: all these issues take a back seat when DonT takes the stage and vomits his racist hate speech publicly. BOTH parties benefit from this, as they can both avoid the hard questions and instead make easy soundbyte statements in response to DonT's absurd rhetoric.

Can you add any reasons why DonT is actually a Democratic agent?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

5 Reasons to Love Supergirl: Red-Faced Episode!

I've been watching the Supergirl series on CBS and really enjoying it. I'm not a comic book reader, so I'm not qualified to talk about whether the show is lining up with the comic storylines, but as a feminist and a mom, I am qualified to say: this is a show I'd let my daughter watch if she were older! (She's 4).

I love Supergirl for a lot of reasons. Initially, it was for Calista Flockhart. I fell in love with her on Ally McBeal, and I'm LOVING her character on Supergirl. It's a pleasure to watch her steal scenes as Kara's super bitchy boss. She adds depth to the role, showing that beneath her stereotypical "successful bitch" she's actually an effective powerful career woman who struggles with the same issues us "regular janes" deal with.

I've stuck with the show in no small part to its blatantly feminist writing. They beat the issue of her name, Super GIRL instead of Super WOMAN, like a dead equine, but the point worked. They blew past the tired question of how a woman can "do it all" and gave a solid answer. And this week they dealt with the question of ANGER.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 awesome ways Supergirl, Red-faced, deals with anger.

5. They point out the double standard around anger. Cat recounts an anecdote about her boss breaking a window with a chair and explains that she never could've gotten away with that.

4. They don't just criticize anger. Now, initially, Kara is criticized for losing her temper, although her rage was amply justified. She is told simply to keep it under control, which is typically useless advice. But when Kara later explodes at Cat, the writers give us a wonderful montage where Cat actually mentors Kara, talking about WHY anger is damaging.

3. They talk about how to express anger. In Cat's mentoring scene, she talks to Kara about how to express her anger productively. As a former rage-aholic myself, I know that being repeatedly told to control my anger just led to me suppressing it, an incredibly toxic behavior. Kara ends up using a car as a punching bag, which is definitely an improvement over yelling at your boss or breaking a man's wrist.

2. They point out the truth that our anger is often masking something else. In an example of great writing, we are led to believe that Kara is just upset that her crush is dating someone else. But as Kara attacks the car, she uncovers the deeper root of her anger: the loss of her parents, planet, and any hope of a "normal" life at age 12, when she was sent to Earth as Superman's babysitter.

1. They portray the positive aspect of anger. People, especially women, are taught repeatedly that anger is bad. We are taught that anger is destructive, sinful, and just plain wrong. We are taught that there is no positive way to express anger. And yet, anger is a vital emotion. Without anger we wouldn't have the energy to defend ourselves. Anger can be a powerful catalyst for social justice. Anger can be used constructively, and that's exactly what Supergirl does in this episode. Not only is she encouraged to find a constructive way to express her anger, they actually SHOW her doing it. I mean, look at this image! This is not the normal face of a hero!
So, way to go Supergirl! Keep the awesomeness coming!