Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Four Reasons Why Donald Trump is Working for the Democratic Party

I hate Donald Trump. I'm not going to be tactful about this. I think he's a nightmare, a racist, and a thoroughly despicable person.

I also think he's secretly employed by the Democratic party. Why?

1. He was originally registered as a Democrat. Despite his own claims to the contrary, Trump, (Or DonT as I'll be referring to him from here on out) used to be a Democrat.

2. He is going to split the Republican vote. If DonT doesn't get the Republican nomination, he's threatening to run as an independent. As we all know, this will result in the Democrats getting the biggest share of votes. Obviously, if DonT were actually a Republican, he wouldn't endanger their chances of getting into the White House this way.

3. He is so awful that he makes Jeb Bush seem OK. Before DonT came on the scene, people were already vocally dreading another Bush in the White House. But now Jeb actually seems like a reasonable choice. At least Jeb has some experience in politics, after all. Now, while this may seem like a Republican strategic move, it's also in the Democratic party's interest, because if Jeb were to be the nominee, they could move in with their "No more Bush" campaign pretty easily.

4. He's distracted the entire campaign from real issues. Healthcare, economic reform, climate change, privacy rights, educational funding: all these issues take a back seat when DonT takes the stage and vomits his racist hate speech publicly. BOTH parties benefit from this, as they can both avoid the hard questions and instead make easy soundbyte statements in response to DonT's absurd rhetoric.

Can you add any reasons why DonT is actually a Democratic agent?

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