Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Query Letters

My goal is one query letter a week. Today I'm working on my query letter draft. Ugh, there is nothing like a query letter to render a good punch to your ego's gut. I have to be humble, yet promote my book. I have to be engaging but not cutesy. I have to be professional but not boring. Sample letters are not terribly helpful, as they generally contain blatantly obvious faux pas. (How does one make faux pas plural?) So I'm just going with it, writing down my first thoughts and planning to revise, revise, revise.
I know that I need to increase my rate of letters. If I were sending out a letter a day, I would have less time to stress. Additionally, I wouldn't feel as if each letter were a precious seedling that MUST produce results. Instead, each letter would seem like a small seed, insignificant on its own, but in combination producing a lovely garden.
Well, once I get the perfect query letter written, I'll be all over that. Right?

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