Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I feel sorry for Jesus

Last night I lay awake in bed, feeling Clementine do aerobics in my womb. She was stretching and poking and running in place, pushing out and drawing back, a little whirling dervish. And I felt sorry for Jesus. Because Jesus never got to experience a baby in His belly. He never knew the wonder and awe of having life, pure unique life, inside His own body.
Taking a bigger view, I'm not saying that God doesn't know what pregnancy is like. If anything, pregnancy is a great argument for God's femininity. The Creator God surely understands intimately what it is like to carry life. How could She be omniscient if that weren't true? Yet, as far as we know, She has never experienced this corporeally. Because the only time God has put skin and flesh on is in Jesus, and Jesus was a man. And so I return to my original thought - I feel sorry for Jesus. Because this is truly an experience worth having.

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