Sunday, September 8, 2013

Keeping it Real

So, we've been married 9 years. Unbelievable! It's been a fantastic and incredible experience. One reason I think we're still so happy together is that we've always managed to keep our discussions meaningful. It's been harder since we had a little baby, but we still keep going. How do we do it?
1. We keep a relationship journal. Every year on our anniversary, we write a message to each other. Then we set goals and reflect on goals we accomplished in the last year.
2. We go on dates. We used to hate the idea of "dates," but it We usbecame a necessity when our daughter entered the picture. Our one rule for these dates is that we cannot discuss her. We swap with another couple to eliminate babysitting fees.
3. We use the Internet. Whenever one of us wonders about a topic, the other one boots up the phone or iPad and checks Google. This has led to some great chats.
4. We pray for each other. Every night, after dinner, we exchange prayer requests, and then pray together, one for the other. Not only does this model family prayer for our daughter, but it gives each one of us a chance to open up about serious issues and concerns.

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