Monday, May 5, 2014


I have a Pinterest board optimistically titled "Kid's crafts - realistic." Somehow I see ideas and think I'm going to implement them. On Saturday morning, I decided to give one a try. The game is simple: lay out colored sheets of paper and have the child put objects of matching color on each card. So I laid out six cards, purple, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, and encouraged T to do some matching. She did. She put one object on each card. I encouraged her to continue. She picked up three of the cards, grabbed a pen, and marched to her room to scribble on them. This is why I don't invest a lot of time in following Pinterest ideas. What if that game had taken me 20 minutes to set up? It would've been totally annoying! It's easier to just go with the flow and hope that Play-doh and markers and glitter glue will be enough for the day.

Later on, I had a victory using an idea from the Internet. I enjoy Aha Parenting, and do a lot of reading there. She suggested that a parent should engage in games that let the child feel powerful, especially to blow off steam before nap time. So before T's nap on Sunday, we went outside. She loves to run in a straight line back and forth across the driveway. So I challenged her to run past me without me "catching" her. I made a huge show of lunging towards her as she ran past, but never caught her. She found it utterly delightful, and ran so much in 5 minutes that she wore herself out! Success! Oh, right up until she didn't sleep at all during nap time. But that's another issue entirely.

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