Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You Might be a Mom if...

10. You know that Tivo and DVR have made you a better person (kids can watch their show when YOU choose, you can pause your favorite show for a kid crisis, etc.)

9. Being alone in the house makes you giddy with delight.

8. You've ever claimed your own bodily excretions (No, don't touch that, it's Mommy's poop).

7. You can get any stain out of any fabric, without even looking it up online!

6. Whenever you hear the word No, you automatically wait a few seconds because you know the next word will be Yes.

5. You have a Voice and everyone within earshot shuts up when they hear it.

4. You no longer have any disgust over contact with bodily fluids: you're just grateful when they don't get on your face.

3. Walking from the living room to your bedroom at night involve at least 3 - 5 tasks on the way.

2. You know the closest bathroom in every store, library, and gas station in your town.

1. The majority of your happy moments each day are related to the small people running around your house (your kids!).

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