Friday, November 20, 2015

Why We Should Fear Syrian Refugees

They say that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. And I see our great citizens forgetting history now, in the Syrian refugee crisis. So let me remind you of some history, so you can understand why it is perfectly reasonable to be afraid of the Syrian refugees.

Not so long ago, a group of refugees arrived here on the East Coast. Some were political refugees, some were religious refugees, and some were flat out criminals. These people didn't have the skills they needed, didn't speak the language, and were incapable of taking care of themselves. In a stunning show of generosity, a group of Americans took it upon themselves to help these refugees. They taught them necessary life skills. They helped them with their language skills. And, at the end of the harvest season, they prepared a huge feast for them, giving their own food for free.

And what happened? Those kind Americans were repaid with bio terrorism, gun massacres, forced religious conversions, and genocide.

Do you remember this event? Or has the liberal media whitewashed it from your memory? Did your godless schooling teach you some alternate version?

Next Thursday, we will gather in family homes across our great nation to celebrate Thanksgiving. A feast shared by Americans with refugees and criminals who had no preparation and completely inadequate vetting for coming to this country. Those Americans paid a heavy price for their generosity. Are you willing to pay that price?

If you are crazy enough to think that we should welcome refugees to this country, maybe because you believe Jesus meant what he said in Matthew 25:40, or maybe because you are not so distantly related to a refugee, or maybe because you are just kind, make your voice heard:

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