Thursday, March 9, 2017

March Stitch Fix!

Oh joyous day, my Stitch Fix arrived! I love me some Stitch Fix, and I was especially excited about this Fix because I didn't give ANY notes to my stylist. Of course, she had access to my Pinterest board, and she's never disappointed me before, and the trend continues with this Fix.

My five pieces this month were 2 tops, 1 blazer, 1 pair of jeans, and 1 skirt. The colors were perfect for spring. Don't they just make you drool?
First off, the skirt. That lovely polka dot pattern is the skirt, a fun swirly Hanneli Print Swing Skirt for $54. I just loved it. Sadly, it was too darn small. I could barely zip it up, and the waist cut pretty deep into my 42 years worth of padding. I didn't get a picture. I mean, no one except my husband actually wants to see my tummy bulging out. Wait. I'm not sure that came out right...
Here's a picture of a very similar skirt. Mine had smaller dots.
So I was bummed, because this is a very cute skirt and I think it could be very flattering on me, in the right size. But it's already back in the return bag, which means I also need to say goodbye to my 25% Buy 5 discount.
But there are many things to rejoice over!
First, this graphic print top. I love the colors and the pattern, the shirt tail, and the neckline. Even though it's not an exact color match, I think it looks great with my kelly green cardigan. And I think it pairs really well with the peach pants I got in my 2016 April Fix. Clearly, my stylist has access to all the items I've bought in the past and is stealthily matching new items to existing ones. Good for her!
This is the Renee C Jensine Split Neck Blouse for $48. I also enjoyed pairing it with the OVI Pennie Collarless Blazer, as seen in the next photo.
I have a lot of blazers, but none in navy blue. This one has slight stretch to it, and cute little zipper details (although sadly, no pockets). The collarless style gives me flexibility with what shirts to pair with it and freedom to wear big scarves or necklaces. And it only costs $68!

The last top is a "jewel tone purple" top (I would call it closer to magenta) by 41Hawthorne. It's the Matthias Button Detail Blouse and I really like it. These kinds of floaty tops can be too loose on me, but this one seems to say "earth mother" rather than "pregnant." I love the little gold tone button detail and the fullness in the back.

Final item is Kut From the Kloth Maribel Straight Leg Jean, for $88. They fit well although I was unsure about the tapered ankle. I think it looks OK with sandals, and I know it would be nice for boots and booties. Ultimately, however, I don't normally pay $88 for a pair of jeans. If I were keeping all five items, the discount would make the jeans essentially free. But since I already know I'm returning the skirt, the jeans are probably going to go back as well.
So right now I'm definitely keeping the Renee C blouse ($48) and the OVI blazer ($68). I'm on the fence about the cute 41Hawthorne blouse. If I keep it, my total spending is a lot closer to $200 than $100! I'll have to contemplate it with the rest of my closet items for a little bit before I make a final decision.

Interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself? Here's how it works.
You sign up and create a style profile, including your color preferences, sizes, and price range. If you have a Pinterest board, you can link it as well. I highly recommend doing that - I know my stylist follows my board closely! You schedule a Fix, either monthly or every other month. You'll get an email before any Fix is sent, so you can cancel a month if you want without any penalty. When your Fix is scheduled, you are charged a $20 styling fee that is non refundable. Then you get your 5 items. You have 3 days to try them on and make a decision. If you keep all 5, you get a 25% discount! Your $20 is also credited to whatever you purchase. Once you've made up your mind, you send back whatever you don't want in the envelope they include. Use my Referral Link to try it out now!

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  1. UPDATE, for the 5 people reading... I ended up returning the skirt, jeans, and the magenta blouse. I showed the blouse photos to 2 friends and both said to return it.