Friday, August 27, 2010

The Praise of Friends

People are starting to read my short story collection and giving me feedback. And it's very good feedback. It's so encouraging! I'm hearing about how real my characters are, how my stories make people think, how well I use my words.
Initially I was apprehensive about people reading my work - it does expose me to a certain extent. But the overwhelmingly positive feedback is so sweet to hear and linger in. Truly, this is all the reward I want. Dale has always pushed me to define why I wanted to be published, and this is why: to know that my stories are touching people's lives. It's not about the money (although I'd love to make a profit - only need to sell about 100 more books). It's about writing stories that entertain but also touch hearts and minds. Thank all of you for reading and encouraging me!

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