Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter has passed, and with it my biggest event of the year at work: the Good Friday Prayer Vigil. It's been a busy few weeks, and my time off has been limited. Now I'm sitting at home, watching Clementine poke my belly. This is my writing day, so I will spend some time writing today, but not yet. First I will treat myself to relaxation. I've read my blogs, supervised the install of a closet system in the nursery, and am heading towards a nap. Then it's a long delayed trip to the chiropractor, hurrah! And possibly a trip to the library as well.
I've been uninspired lately, although I have been writing. I have Baby Brain, so most of my life is very uninteresting compared to the life I'm creating within. And that's OK. My writing career is not on a timeline.


  1. Can I have Baby Brain even if I'm not pregnant? I too have been largely uninspired lately. I think about writing. I want to write. But when I sit down to do it, my heart goes, "meh." Good thing my writing career isn't on a timeline either. Happy belated Easter!!

  2. Sure! Happy Easter! I think according to the liturgy it's actually Easter for the next 50 days. :)