Thursday, April 14, 2011

My friend's blog about gay vs. homosexual

It's not just semantics, is it?
Hugh Hollowell published this blog post recently, about how the term "homosexual" is perceived by the gay community. There's a lot of pushback in the comments, some saying that they use the word out of ignorance, or an attempt to be respectful, others saying that it's all individual preference, etc.
I was looking through the news today and noticed this: Kobe Bryant is getting a lot of press for using the word faggot during a game, as an insult. The media is choosing, almost universally, to call this a "gay" slur, not a "homosexual" slur. If the media uses this term, perhaps the rest of us should catch up?

Note: I'm not making a comment about Kobe Bryant's actions or words. I'm just observing that perhaps the word "homosexual" isn't just offensive, it's also outdated.

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