Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 pieces of advice to OnceUponATime characters...

10. Emma - your superpower is really not knowing if people are lying. You need to accept that and move on to embrace your actual powers.

9. Regina, please get on with Emma's lessons. Maybe if you taught her how to wield magic she might not end up screwing up your life so much.

8. Hook, Emma, Belle, Mary Margaret: Rump NEVER does anything without making a deal first. Stop trusting him. Seriously. He's the DARK ONE.

7. Belle, wear some flats. You're going to have some major bunions and back problems if you keep on with those stripper heels.

6. Hook, never change. Well, I mean, get your heart back from Rump, but then don't change.

5. Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Emma, maybe y'all can take some trust lessons from Elsa and Anna? Not to mention their kick ass aunt, Helga. Those sisters know how to love and trust. Hey, maybe they're the ones with the superpower of knowing when someone is lying?

4. Ingrid, I know you're lonely. Maybe if you just brought Emma and Elsa in on the ice cream business you could get that family life you're longing for? In, you know, a nice normal way?

3. Regina, once you get your happy ending, don't give up your sarcasm. It's easily one of your best features.

2. Henry, be careful about Rump. Just because he's your grandfather doesn't mean you can trust him.

1. Regina and Robin, have you perhaps thought, maybe by NOW, that perhaps Marion's little son, who adores his mommy, might be able to give her true love's kiss and save her from the spell? I mean, I know it's easier if she stays frozen, but at least give it a try? I mean, who's even watching the little guy?

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