Thursday, February 19, 2015

No Toilet Paper Roll? WHAT?

So Scott in introducing something new in the world of toilet paper. No more rolls. Yes, they are getting rid of the cardboard roll that keeps your toilet paper running smoothly. This is clearly an unmitigated tragedy, primarily for the Internet. How you ask? Thanks for asking!

First, it’s a tragedy for cats and dogs. Bored animals need access to smoothly rolling toilet paper. 

Second, it’s a tragedy for anyone who likes ease of use when using TP. I mean, don’t you hate it when you try to pull toilet paper and only get 1 or 2 squares before the roll stops or the paper tears? You need more than 2 squares between your hand and your nether regions. You just do.

Third, it’s a tragedy for Pinterest. My completely random estimate is that 63% of Pinterest craft pins are based on toilet paper rolls. What are all these crafters going to do? How can we make a beautiful wall art mural? How can we make adorable toys and favors for our kids? Scott paper, you are ruining the lives of countless crafty Pinners. Shame on you!

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