Friday, March 20, 2015

Sabbath Rest

This week, my husband and I got really sick. On Tuesday, he came home from work early with a terrible stomach bug, and by Wednesday I was stricken as well. We spent most of Wednesday in bed, and about half of Thursday in bed as well. Just sleeping. Today I’m feeling completely normal again, and it’s amazing how motivated I am! I see the dishwasher has clean dishes and I’m eager to unload and reload it. I’m filled with energy to catch up on all the tasks that piled up while we were sleeping.
And it occurs to me that this is the purpose of Sabbath rest. If I were to take a break once a week, a real break, a true break, then perhaps on Monday I would be motivated to tidy up the house. Maybe, just maybe, if I didn’t squeeze in a bunch of tasks on Sunday, I would feel refreshed and ready to tackle the week on Monday.
Oh, I’ve made resolutions to keep the Sabbath before. But life rushes in. I go to the Farmer’s Market, and then feel the need to wash and cut up all the produce we bought. I plan the meals for the week and then go to the grocery store with a million other people. I rush around Sunday evening doing things for Monday morning.
But I’m recommitting to Sabbath rest. No more work. Church. Lunch. Rest and relaxation. Maybe the Farmer’s Market, because that’s a pure pleasure. I can’t wait to enjoy God’s good plan for a mini vacation every week.

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