Monday, March 7, 2016

5 StitchFix Items Enter, How Many Leave?

Hurrah! My March Fix arrived! I deliberately scheduled it for this month because March is the hardest month for me. I knew having a box of cute clothes suited to me would be a great pick me up, and I was right. After all, I have worn the HECK out of the 5 items from my last fix.

First, StitchFix is a personal stylist program that I adore. You schedule a box of 5 items to arrive (you are in charge of frequency and timing). A stylist looks at your style info (submitted when you joined the program). If you have a Pinterest style board, the stylist looks there too, and I find that to be a GREAT tool. She assembles your Fix and ships it to you. You have up to 3 days to decide if you're buying anything. Whatever you don't buy goes back: whatever you keep you pay for. If you return them all you only pay a $20 styling fee (but double check that number). AND if you buy all 5 items (like I did last time) you get a discount!

You really should TRY IT OUT! (I'll get a discount if you use this link).

Without further ado, here is this month's FIX.

This adorable dress comes straight from my Pinterest style board. I love a good wrap dress and had high hopes.

Sadly, the fit is just not right. Dresses tend to only fit one half of my body, top or bottom. This one fit the bottom fairly well, although the wrap construction had some extra fabric in the abdomen that I didn't care for. But it was too big on top, causing the dreaded dark cavern reveal if I bent over.

The dress itself is very cute, but the fit just doesn't work for me at all.

LOOK at this skirt!! I love it! Words cannot express how much I love this floral pencil skirt in a soft stretchy fabric with cute quilting detail and plain black waistband. I wore it with a blue Fix top and with an existing pink shirt of mine.

This skirt is a no brainer to keep. Perfect fit, lovely colors, comfy fabric. The black band and texture keep it from being too sweet or little girl. I can tell I'll be wearing this to church and to meetings non stop. I like how it matches the pink top I already own. I can also wear black with it.

Also, the cute blue top. Let's talk about that. It's a great weight, very loose and light. Although the fabric is very thin, you can't see through it, as proven by the fact that I'm wearing a very dark bra in these photos. The armpits are cut just right: not too big or small. I'm not crazy about the fact that when I put my arms up (WonderWoman pose) I get that puckering across my chest, but it's not a big deal. Certainly not a big enough deal to keep me from loving the shirt. 

Here's the top with jeans, untucked. It has a nice curved tail and I think it looks good with denim.

Next up is the dotted swiss shirt with built in undershirt. You'll see my bra straps, because, as I mentioned before, I'm wearing a dark bra. I think it's worth noting that the undershirt completely hides the bra. So excellent coverage. Of course I'll wear a flesh colored bra when I wear this shirt out and about.

You'll also notice some delicate silver earrings, the final item in my Fix. They are very cute and trendy, but I have an EXTENSIVE costume jewelry collection, so I don't need any more earrings.

 This combination shirt is not my typical style, but I do really like it. This is a great summer piece, cool enough for our hot summers but providing a bit of coverage for our freezing air conditioning. I was a little worried that the undershirt would ride up, but it stayed put very well. I really wanted this blouse to work with the amazing skirt, but it didn't quite. Still, it will be perfect with summer slacks, of which I have a lot. This is a good date night shirt, work shirt, or coffee date shirt.

So, all in all, a great set of items!
Earrings: $28, going back to avoid dying a lonely death surrounded by all my other cute silver earrings.

Wrap Dress: $138, going back for poor fit.

Turquoise blouse: $44, keep. Price is a bit high but I'll wear this thing ALL the time.

Swiss dot blouse: $68, on the fence. The price is high. I'll try it on again, but I"m leaning towards keep.

Quilted Skirt: $64, keep. I adore this and the price is perfect.

Agree? Disagree? Want to get in on the fun? Use THIS referral link!

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