Monday, March 7, 2016

A Trump Presidency? I'll be OK.

Today’s Bible readings about all about God’s restoration and renewal. God has held me strongly in this winter season. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good in March. God is my protector and my shield. I trust in God and in God alone. During the chaos of the impending election, it is good to remember that no politician represents God to me. I live in a country that is NOT a theocracy. I do not need any politician to try and enforce God’s will. Instead, I am free to act according to my own conscience. I can question politicians freely, regardless of party affiliation, because my hope is not in party politics but in the Lord. Frankly, it could be a relief if someone as opposed to Christ’s message as Trump is would win. Because then, finally, Christians could pull their heads out of the sand and stop depending on government to make things “right.” Instead of asking the government to criminalize abortion, we could work in our communities to make abortion unnecessary. How? Not by preaching abstinence or rape avoidance, but by preaching the beauty of consensual sex, by holding men accountable for their sexual acts, and by providing real support and love to mothers of ALL kinds. Instead of asking the government to raise the minimum wage, we could work in our communities to hold businesses accountable for providing a living wage to employees. And we could further demonstrate our commitment to that living wage by paying fair prices for products instead of buying the lowest price. Instead of asking the USDA to create more laws about labeling, we could work in our communities to eat locally and pay a fair price for food. 
I know, I know, this is crazy talk. Why should anyone take setting the world right as a personal task? Who ever said that was our personal job? I can’t set the world aright by my own actions. But maybe I’m not supposed to. Maybe I’m just supposed to set my own community as right as possible. After all, God decided that the best way to reach out and redeem us was by sending one single solitary limited human, one with no superpowers, in the middle of a time when there was no global broadcast capability.

God intends the work of redemption to be personal, not national.

And so I seek peace during this election year by remembering that it is not up to me to save the USA. If Trump or Cruz or Clinton or Sanders wins the Presidency, it is not my job to adore, respect, or unconditionally support him/her. It is my job to pray for her or him. It is my job to work within her or his context to make my local community the Kingdom of God.

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