Monday, May 16, 2016

6 Annoyances Cross Stitch-ers Can Relate To

I'm currently working on an enormous cross stitch project. The plan is to complete it in time for entry in the State Fair, but I really don't know if I'll finish in time. Anyway, since I'm spending all my free moments with a giant piece of linen in my lap, I figured this was a good time to post a "Buzzfeed" style list of annoyances all my fellow cross stitch-ers can relate to.

6. The knots. Can any thread knot as horribly as cross stitch thread? Seriously, that stuff is crazy.

5. Not discovering a knot until you've stitched past it. I like the back of my work to look neat. That isn't possible when you've stitched two rows into a giant knot.

4. Pets.
My cat wants to be in my lap when I stitch. That means that not only do I have to navigate around a big cat, but fur gets woven into my final piece. I'm guessing dog owners struggle with this too!
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3. Running out of thread on the last 3 crosses. You've got one last row of 3 before you're done with the section of light mushroom beige. And gosh darn it, you're going to get it finished without starting a new thread, even if it means that your thread is shorter than the needle!
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2. Pulling the thread completely out. You've got a nice long thread, plenty of leeway to pull through before you have to tuck the end under that first stitch. And you accidentally pull it out. Twice.
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1. Leftover thread bobbins. If you use kits you'll have leftover thread, in unique colors that most likely won't match any other kits. What do you do with all that thread?

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