Saturday, April 30, 2016

I love my Stitch Fix!

It’s Stitch Fix Day! I love these days. There’s just nothing more exciting than a box of clothes, picked out JUST for you, sitting on the doorstep waiting to be unwrapped. I think this must be my third or fourth Fix, and I am officially addicted!

Now, a quick overview of how it works: Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping website that sends you a package of 5 items as often as once a month or as rarely as you choose. To join, you create an account on their site (use MY LINK and I’ll get a discount on my next Fix!), then take a style quiz to identify your personal style. You select the date of your first Fix and then wait excitedly. When the Fix arrives, it will come with a note from your very own personal stylist, accessory ideas for each item in the Fix, and a pre addressed bag for returns. Anything you don’t want, you send back in the bag within 3 days. There is a $20 styling fee, and it is applied to your total bill – if you return all 5 items, you spend only the $20 styling fee. If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount on your total.

Some tips to maximize your results.
1. Create a Pinterest style board and link it to your Stitch Fix profile. Sometimes you even get the exact item you pinned!
2. Send a detailed styling note before each Fix. When a Fix is approaching, you’ll get an email, and you can create a note for your stylist, telling them if you’re looking for anything in particular. In this Fix, I told my stylist that I wanted fun warm weather tops, and I got three beauties.
3. Give feedback if you return anything. I love dresses, but my pear shape means that fitting can be very tricky. But after returning a dress I adored, telling my stylist that it was too tight, she sent it in my next fix in a larger size and I now own it!

And now, on to my Fix! As soon as I opened the box and saw these colors, I was excited! This is a great palette for my coloring and for spring and summer. 
I started with this faux wrap dress. It’s exactly the right length, just above the knee, and the pattern is great. However, the dress showed cleavage, something I don't like. Then I remembered the Victoria’s Secret bralette that I bought specifically to serve as a faux camisole. I put that baby on and LOVED the look. No cleavage, but still pretty and feminine. Side note: I pinned that bralette on my board and specifically asked my stylist to find me something to wear with it! Side note 2: While it’s a very cute piece, the bralette is a bear to get on and off, because it pulls over the head. Fortunately, the dress is easy to wear and very comfortable.
 I accessorized the dress with a big pink bangle, pretty silver hoops, and my favorite black sandals.

Next, strappy floral top: When I pulled this out of the box, I fell in love with it, but then wondered what kind of bra I could wear. And that was when I remembered my note to the stylist about my bralette! (See, a Pinterest board is a plus). I was still wearing the bralette (remember, it's really hard to get in and out of). So I popped that top on over my bralette and I think it looks great. I got a pic of the back too to show how well the two pieces play together. Naturally I'll wear my hair up to showcase the details.
I also styled this top with my own bright green cardigan – a look I had pinned on my board with a note that I needed a floral top to go with my cardigan. My stylist nailed it! And bonus, if it’s chilly and I’m wearing the cardigan and top, I can probably get away with a regular bra underneath. 
I'm wearing jeans from a prior fix along with the bralette. 
The white straps are ornamented and very pretty. I cropped and edited this photo to try and show the details.

My only concern with this top is that it’s a big tight through the chest and very loose over my tummy. Is it too blousy for me?

Next up, a very cute pink top with crochet detail trim. I paired it with white jeans and costume jewelry pearls for a fun semi professional look. And then I dressed it down with some floral shorts I bought last year. Not to brag, but my husband walked in while I was wearing the shorts and shirt and he, um, engaged in some husbandly behavior! This is the kind of top I can throw on over jeans, or shorts, and be comfortable and cute – a great easy top for a work at home mom like me. 
 This picture doesn't reflect the color of the top very accurately - the picture with the shorts is much truer.

Next up is the navy blue top and pink pants. I have been avoiding skinny pants for a long time, but ever since Stitch Fix, I’ve embraced them. I accessorized the top and pants with a belt, butterfly necklace, and butterfly earrings. Note: You can get jewelry through Stitch Fix, but I have an extensive collection, so I’ve told my stylist not to bother to send any jewelry. 

The navy and pink together are very cute, but the pieces by themselves really spoke to me. Do you have orphans in your closet? You know, a piece of clothing that is just totally great, but you don’t wear it because the matching piece is gone or stained? I do! And I knew these two pieces would be great new partners for my orphans.

Check out the navy blue top with my red skirt:
I love this skirt, but rarely wear it because I don’t have a lot to go with it. But I love this outfit. I accessorized with my Venetian glass bead necklace and beige flats to keep the outfit from being too Fourth of July.
Not pictured: this top with my khaki pants, white jeans, regular jeans. 

Check out this gorgeous top. I bought it over a year ago, to go with a midi length tulle black skirt – the whole outfit from Anthropologie. Beautiful, but too dressy to wear very often. So while I love the top, it has been languishing in my closet.

 All it needed were these great pants to liven it up for summer 2016. 

And the vest. What do you think about the vest? This sad black vest has been in my closet longer than I can remember, and I think it either totally makes this outfit or looks terrible. Opinions?

All in all, another successful Fix for me. I am probably going to keep it all!
Oh, and price? Well, you get to specify your price range on your Fix account. If I keep all these items, I’ll get a discount along with the $20 credit for my styling fee, for a total of just over $200.

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