Thursday, July 21, 2016

July & the Amateur Gardener

July. The time in a gardener’s life when hands are thrown up and acceptance to the fertility gods is offered, in varying degrees of resignation.
I worked very hard all spring, establishing a drainage ditch, planting various plants along it, and clearing out a mosquito harboring hedgerow. And now, after weeks of torrential downpours combined with an intense heat wave and several days without rain, I survey my yard and accept it. In September, I will rise again. When the heat index is no longer 3 digits, and weeds can once more be controlled. When the rabbit’s appetite is sated and I’m ready to dig out the rocks from the ditch in order to tweak its drainage capacity. When the healing hands of autumn offer a break from the leaden heat and humidity of July, I will attack my garden again. Until then, I am grateful that I left the tags of all the plants I planted, so I’ll know which ones to add and which ones to give up on next spring. Until then, I’m grateful that I got as much done as I did. Until then, I’ll lay on my hammock and enjoy the NC summer with as much grace as I can find.

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