Sunday, July 17, 2016

Stitch Fix Review!

 StitchFix Day has arrived! I love my Stitch Fix box. Just seeing it on my porch brings a smile to my face. What is Stitch Fix? A personal shopper that sends you 5 fabulous pieces as often as you like. It's easy to sign up: create a login, use the style quiz to define your style, give StitchFix your size information and frequency preference (and Pinterest clothing board for best results), and sit back to enjoy. If you buy all 5 pieces you'll get a 20% discount. If you return all 5 pieces, you only pay $20 for the styling fee. You aren't locked into a monthly Fix, but if you need a Fix you can schedule one right away. Use my referral link and I'll get a discount:

So this month wasn't a home run like the last 2 Fixes have been. But there was still plenty to enjoy, starting with this lovely maxi dress. FINALLY, a Maxi dress that doesn't a. look like a nightgown, or b. look like a muumuu. The fit is perfect and very flattering. I loved it with my big pink floppy hat. Today I wore it to church (sans hat) and then to a park birthday party. It was pretty cool and breezy for the first hour, but then of course the 90 degree weather and humidity did me in. Still, I love this dress. Keeping it was a no brainer!
 Next up, a cute black and white wrap dress. Unfortunately, while it looked good from the front, my profile highlighted my little abdominal pooch. I don't care about the pooch enough to work out and eliminate it, but I do like to keep from highlighting it with my clothes!
Wraps dresses are just kind of a crap shoot for me though. Sometimes they are perfect and sometimes they just fail. While I like the pattern on the dress, the fit wasn't good enough for my (rather high) standards. This was a return.

Next up is this black & white striped knit dress. I would've liked a little more color in this Fix, but I accessorized with a scarf that really jazzed up the outfit. Still, by itself this dress just didn't do anything for me. It didn't particularly flatter me, there wasn't an interesting pattern, etc. This one was NOT a keeper.

 Next up, a pair of wide leg dressy jeans and a cut loose top. At first I didn't like the top at all. I felt like it just hung on me like a bag. I did like the pattern and the little strip of color. The jeans were very comfortable and definitely long enough, as you can see in my tree pose below. However, I don't need any jeans right now, so since I already knew I wasn't getting a discount for keeping 5 items, I decided to send the jeans back. I was also leaning towards sending back the top.
As I looked through my photos, I had second thoughts about the blouse. It looked a lot cuter in the photos than I remembered. So I subjected it to my harshest and most honest critic: my 5 year old. I also showed her the black & white striped knit dress. The dress got a solid "No," and the top got a quick "Yes!" Husband also liked the top and not the dress, so I ended up keeping this cute top as well.
Final total: Just over $100, and I got a comfortable elegant maxi dress and a cute dressy blouse. I'm very pleased with Stitch Fix and look forward to another Fix in September!

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