Thursday, September 22, 2016

Political Ranting

I am registered Independent. I’ve never joined a political party and I don’t mean to. While I “lean” Democrat, I have voted for Republicans in the past. I might vote for Republicans in the future, if they ever gave me someone to vote for.

I don’t love Hillary Clinton. She is a corrupt politician. But I am voting for her because she is better than Trump by every single measure possible.

The Republican party has gotten more and more extreme, and the Tea Party has only made things worse. The “Christian” aspect of their pandering infuriates and dismays me. Exposing the blatant hypocrisy of Republicans who claim Christianity has been the greatest service of Trump’s candidacy.

I can understand people who vote for Trump because they appreciate his vulgar style of speaking. I can understand people who vote for Trump because they are repulsed by Clinton’s corruption. I can understand people who vote for Trump because they appreciate his blatant racism. What I can’t understand is people who vote for Trump because “his party represents Christian ideals.”

First of all, both and neither party represents Christian ideals. Both parties seek to serve the government and the people. Both parties seek to bring justice to the country. That is “Christian,” I suppose. Both parties also seek their own power, and will do what is politically expedient over what is ethically right. That is not Christian.

Second, even if you believe that Republicans think life is sacred, due to their posturing on abortion, Trump is hardly a guarantee of a pro-life Supreme Court justice or pro-life legislation. Trump has consistently shown that he has no principles he is willing to defend at all costs. In addition, he has consistently demonstrated that the Republican party machine cannot control him. So a vote for Trump in no way assures pro-life advancement.

Third, how can anyone even pretend that Trump is more “Christian” than Clinton? The man has obviously never read the Bible. He’s on his third marriage. Lies are his currency in trade. If you think we need a Christian in the White House, I have bad news for you: Trump ain’t it.

I’m not saying Clinton is or is not a Christian. But I am saying that by outward appearances, Clinton could be an elder or a deacon, and Trump could not.

So let’s be honest with each other. Stop pretending that God wants you to vote for Trump. God doesn’t endorse political candidates. If you want to vote against Clinton, then say so. If you want to vote for Trump because you believe an unqualified racist is better than a corrupt politician, then say so. But let’s not drag God’s name through the mud any more.

One final thought in this rant. I said I would vote Republican if they would give me a candidate. That’s true. If I saw a candidate who embraced science, who was pro-life and not just pro-birth, who offered fiscal responsibility without exceptions for morality meddling (ie, small government at all times instead of small government except when gays want to marry), who spoke respectfully and intelligently, I would consider voting for her. But so far, the Republicans aren’t interested in my vote. I hope that changes. I truly do.  

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