Monday, September 5, 2016

The 8 Crappy (or OK?) Things In My Life

Hmm, I wrote this post without realizing I just blogged about half this crap 3 days ago. That's kind of how my life is going though...

It’s been a heck of a summer. Or maybe just a heck of a couple of months.
8. It all started with a series of severe thunderstorms back in July. At some point in the last half of the month, I went out to treat our hot tub, only to realize that it wasn’t running. I figured maybe the electrical had been zapped during one of the storms. After some discussions with Husband, we elected to drain it, then get it serviced and buy a new cover. But life got in the way, so while we did drain it before it became a massive mosquito breeding ground, that was as far as we got before things really got bad. But really, it’s kind of good, because we really needed a new cover, and it’s summer time so we’re not using it anyway.

7. Next up was our thermostat. We were watching TV and realized it was quite stuffy. When I checked the thermostat, the display was blank. Not surprising, as I think this may have been the original unit from the early 1970’s. I opened it up and slammed it shut again and everything came back on. This kept on happening until just last week, when, after dealing with other broken appliances (more to come), the thermostat went blank again and I couldn’t slam it back into working order. So we bought a shiny brand new thermostat which promptly took 24 hours to start working, making us wonder if we needed an AC check as well. On the plus side, now we have a cool programmable thermostat that we can control using a phone app.

6. My car finally got a death sentence. It’s been in and out of the shop for the last 2 years for various repairs, but this last issue finally became the ultimate straw. My mechanic told me not to repair it because I was considering buying a new car in the next year or so. I’ve hit 200,000 miles and it’s basically worthless, so I feel pretty good about replacing it. And now I can possibly get an electric car!

5. A couple of weeks ago, our refrigerator stopped cooling. It made a strange repetitive humming sound, kind of like a bird song that says “I’m breaking down … I’m breaking down … I’m breaking down.” And the temperature slowly went up. By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late. The milk and eggs were ruined. The loads of pre cooked meals in the freezer were also mostly unsalvageable. I made a repair call, but in the interim it started working again! Turns out our compressor has a flat spot, but if you bump the fridge just right, it’ll start back up again. I started researching new options, but was interrupted by life again when …

4. Our microwave magnetron (we think) broke. The convection bake and roast still work, as do the clock and timer, but the microwave function no longer heats anything. Clearly, a new microwave is a priority, as our fridge is currently working and can, we suspect, be kept in running order with strategic kicking. So just 2 days ago we took advantage of a Labor Day sale and got a microwave. No convection oven this time. I hardly ever used it. So the good news there is that we saved a little money. Another good thing: when we got to HH Gregg, they told us that it’s very hard to find appliances in the color “bisque,” which is the color I used for all the appliances when we bought them 10 years ago. But then, in a stroke of luck, the very microwave we picked out ONLY came in bisque!

3. The very same night that our microwave broke, I dropped my phone, which happens all the time, but this time the screen shattered. It was so bad I could hardly read anything. I took it to the discount screen repair place and spent $110 on a new glass screen, but they didn’t connect the speaker correctly so I had to go back the next day. They were very nice about the whole thing, but if this happens again, I’ll spend the extra $40 and just go straight to the Apple store for a repair. Lesson learned!

2. Wait, wait, I’m not done yet! Back before all this got started, my beloved cat died, of old age. I’ve covered that in a prior post. But I have wondered if, in some strange way, my cat was holding our house together the way David Bowie was holding the universe together…

1. And worst of all, one of my dearest friends discovered she has breast cancer. She’s started chemo and things are going well, but, you know, wow. I don’t even know what to feel or think about this. I’m not worried about her life – I’m convinced she’s going to get through this and live on for many years. But I know there are … feelings there.

With the pass by of Hurricane Hermine, we’ve had three days of glorious autumn weather. And while I know next weekend we’ll be back in the 90’s with insane humidity, I’ve loved this little refreshment. I’m looking forward to going back into the yard and picking back up with the work I paused.

As an ESFP, I like to change things up. The last few mornings I’ve had my morning tea outside, watching the sun rise. And I’m going to spend the next two weeks getting up super early and watching the sun rise daily. It’s time to let go and move on. Despite everything, I feel good. I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

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