Monday, October 10, 2016

Thank You For Being a Bully, Donald Trump!

When the final candidates were selected, I was initially worried.
I graduated high school in 1993, so I’ve witnessed all the national ugly sexism directed at Hillary Clinton. The attacks on her appearance, on her femininity, on her feminism, on her marriage, on her tone of voice, on her choice of name, etc.

I was so worried that this year would be a continuation and escalation of the soft sexism that pervades US culture. Some call it rape culture. Others call it patriarchy. 
Women "nutcrackers"

 It’s that quiet insinuation that strong women are shrieking harpies that hate all men. Nothing is ever openly said. We just laugh at Hillary “nutcrackers,” wink, wink, nudge, nudge. We cattily insult the clothing choices of female politicians and ignore the choices of male politicians. We have SNL skits where the Hillary impersonator and the Palin impersonator argue about the varying levels of their own sexual objectification. We have Christians wringing their hands about whether a woman can be a political leader, since she obviously can’t be a spiritual leader. We hear about how women are emotional, or abrasive, or haven’t served in the military.

But Trump changed all that. Because Trump has given us the blessing of honesty. He is a misogynist who hates women, despite his assertions that he “respects women.” You see, Trump hates politically correct speech. 

And that means he has forced all the subtle sexism to become overt.

Instead of sticking to subtle innuendo about whether a “woman” can be President, Trump just flat out said Clinton didn’t have a “Presidential look,” and then expanded by saying that means she doesn’t have the “stamina.”

Trump doesn’t stick to undermining Clinton’s personality by playing the humble aw shucks privileged white man. Instead, he interrupts her, bullies her, whines about her, tries to gas light her, and stalks her on the stage like a lion stalking a gazelle.

You see, this doesn’t work for a lot of us in the US. We prefer our sexism cloaked in concerned gossip and justified self righteousness over the “abrasiveness” of strong women. We don’t like to watch anyone, even a strong woman, get bullied. Especially if that woman refuses to back down.

Abusers (both male and female) groom their targets. Pat doesn’t hit Alex on the first date. Pat charms Alex into marriage first. Then, after a few more years of grooming, Pat chokes Alex and pounds Alex against the wall, but Alex won’t even call the police.

Trump forgot to groom Clinton before he attempted to abuse her. He neglected to groom the Americans who aren’t his supporters. Without grooming, abuse is painfully obvious to spot.

So I have to say, “Thanks, Donald Trump. Thanks for shining a spotlight on abuse and degradation of women. Thanks for openly saying and doing what misogynists (men and women) have been sneakily doing for years. Thanks for exposing the festering sexism within our culture.”

And because I know some people will accuse me of being a hypocrite myself, as I claim Christ yet dare to criticize Trump, let me say this.

I repent of my contempt and hatred for Trump. I literally just finished praying FOR him, because Christ taught me to pray for my enemies. I am not perfect, and thank God, I don’t have to be. And I can honestly say that if I were seated next to Trump in Heaven, I would be able to love him. Because within that posturing, sexist, angry, fearful bully is a small boy who is terrified. And I hope that some how, some way, the Holy Spirit can reach that little boy and show him God’s unending and unconditional love. Because God does love Donald Trump. Just like She loves you and me.

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