Monday, October 25, 2010

Story ideas

My husband was telling about this news story which recounts a love triangle that resulted in murder. Three people were in a skydiving club together, and two women were both having an affair with the same man. Allegedly, one of the women sabotaged the other woman's parachute, and she plunged to her death.
As a person, I find this story horrifying. It's such a tragedy. As a writer, I find this story fascinating. To kill a fellow skydiver by sabotaging her parachute seems like a particularly horrific breach of trust. It makes me wonder, is there a code, spoken or unspoken, in skydiving clubs about parachutes, and if so, did she break that code? Surely. The alleged killer jumped moments after the victim, so she watched her death. Did she have second thoughts? Did she angle down and try to catch her at the last minute? Or did she watch with secret glee?
I write fiction. But reality provides a rich soil for ideas.

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