Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Defying Gravity

I really like the song Defying Gravity, from the musical Wicked. I was listening to it today and I decided that it's going to be my theme song for 2011. Part of that is going to be posting my thoughts, my REAL thoughts, on this blog.
So, for my 10's of readers, here it goes. My real thoughts, found fresh here throughout 2010. I hope that as I post my thoughts, others come to read this blog. I'm afraid that some will not like my thoughts, and may never return. Alternatively, I may get some nasty comments. That's OK. I'm not saying my thoughts are correct, or true, or worthwhile. I'm open to the possibility that I'm completely wrong. Nasty comments will help me evaluate.
So let's go!


  1. You and I were cut from the same cloth, well, mine may be more sparkly.

    I used to listen to that song during my morning commute and every morning I would go over a particularly high overpass that I would speed up to make me feel like flying just a little.

    I got really good at timing it so that just as I hit the peak of that overpass it would be at the part "So if you care to find me, look to the western sky. As someone told me lately, 'everyone deserves the chance to fly'"

    Love ya much,


  2. Awww, yes, we are from the same cloth!! See you in the clouds.