Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goal Setting

One of my Defying Gravity goals will be to post two entries to this blog each week. After all, what's the point in talking about taking risks if I don't put myself out there in some form?
So, given that it's Wednesday, here's my FIRST post of the week.
Today my coach and I discussed affirmations. We also talked about allowing things to be imperfect. I gotta tell you, both of those things rate pretty highly on my cringe factor. You know, the whole-body cringe, which can go all the way up your face, when you contemplate something utterly horrific. For me to sit and say that I can do something imperfectly and it's ok causes that whole body cringe. And the mere thought of writing down all the good things about myself, ugh. My stomach is turning over at the very thought.
And it didn't stop there. As you might know, the full body cringe usually progresses to resistance. And resist I did. I can't possibly write down affirmations about myself. Because that might, you know, lead me to be arrogant. I would see all my superior qualities and look down on everyone else.
Do you catch the logical mistake of my resistance? No one told me to write how I am better. No one suggested I do any comparisons. Nope, all I'm to do is note the good things about me.
So, in order to defy gravity, I'm going to write one affirmation right here and now.
I am good at loving other people.

(I'm not going to bore y'all with the 20 minute head conversation that just happened there. Instead I'm going to post this quickly before I chicken out!)

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