Thursday, January 13, 2011

some things I want to get off my chest

1. Palin is not responsible for the AZ shooting. However, if she were any sort of leader, she would now be using her words to bring healing rather than to defend herself.
2. Yes, of course there were signs that Loughner was crazy and going to hurt someone. But the solution is not to be found in quick fixes. I'm willing to bet that close analysis would suggest that failed long term relationships are far more to blame in this case than political rhetoric, lack of gun control, or lack of action by acquaintances.
3. Jenny McCarthy is still defending Wakefield. In turn, her critics are pillorying her based on her past. So what? I don't agree with Jenny McCarthy, but her statements are not invalid simply because she used her body to obtain celebrity. If the worst you can say about her is that she posed nude for a magazine, then shut up. If you want to criticize the actual intellectual content of her statements, then please, speak up.
4. Did anybody besides me notice that 14 people were beheaded in Acapulco this weekend? Surely that is a tragedy equal to the one in AZ.

Sorry if this seems a little angry. I'm venting. Don't worry, I'll find my balance, but for now, I'm a little wobbly as I defy gravity.

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  1. I could not agree more with number 1, and since she doesn't seem to be much of a leader, could the media please along from her. There really isn't anything more to see....