Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sunday Roasts

This week I did another “Sunday roast” option from this great book. I chose the pot roast in foil option, which had 2 follow up meals: beef ragu or beef and barley soup.
So the pot roast was, quite simply, amazing. I created a spice rub, put the seasoned roast on top of vegetables, and wrapped it all in foil. It was SO good. Great flavor, once again. The only problem was that some of the roast juice ran out of my foil packet. The vegetables tasted wonderful, having been basted in roast juice for 4 hours. The meat was tender and delicious. I’m sure it helped that I bought a happy cow (free range, grass fed).

The next recipe was beef and barley soup. This required a bit more prep work in cutting up carrots and an onion, then browning mushrooms and onions together. After that minor prep work, I threw everything into the Dutch oven and let it cook, adding the left over shredded pot roast at the end. It was also quite delicious.

One thing I don’t quite understand. There were several ingredients added to enhance the beefy flavor of the soup: tomato paste, browned onions, pot roast juice, etc. However, the recipe called for using chicken stock for the primary base. I don’t understand why they don’t just use beef stock for beef flavor. I’ll admit, the soup did taste beefy, not chicken-y. I’m planning to write a letter and ask them about this. Haha, I’ll be sure to post any response I get on this blog!

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  1. I'd like that recipe for beef-barley soup. Was the roast done in the crock pot? I'm happy with my pot roast recipe, but would be interested in one for the crock pot. I use beef stock for my beef stew. Can't think why they would use chicken.