Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Feminism and Sunday Shoes

I was thinking about my daughter's Sunday shoes the other day. When it comes to church clothes, I'm a pretty traditional southern mom. I break out the white mary janes each Easter, and replace them with black ones in September. This year, I broke with my own tradition and bought her some adorable Lelli Kelly shoes for church - beautiful canvas mary jane style tennis shoes covered with beading. Still just for church, and still dressy.
As I was thinking about her upcoming birthday, I realized that she would very likely want to wear her brand new galoshes this Sunday. At first I thought, "darn, I'll have to talk her out of that." But then I questioned myself.
After all, women's shoes are incredibly unhealthy, on the whole. Whenever I shop, I'm forced to choose between wearability or fashion. It's the 21st century, people! Why should I cripple myself to look "good"? And what are my daughter's Sunday shoes teaching her about shoes and fashion?
By upgrading her dress shoes to a particular pair, am I teaching her that to look good, you must wear different shoes from every day? Yes, but I'm OK with that. But are the shoes I pick out comfortable? Do they stay on her feet and allow her to run and play? Because if not, then what am I teaching her? I'm pretty sure I'm teaching her that fashion restricts her activity and movement, and that I'm OK with that.
Am I overthinking? Sure! As a mom, I'm pretty sure that's part of my job description. Will it be the end of the world if she wears stillettos to her prom? Nope.
Just my random musings on how feminism affects not only my clothing decisions, but how I clothe my daughter as well.

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