Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm a Failure

There comes a point when you just have to admit it. I'm a failure.
I write, but no one wants to read it.
I coach, but no one wants to receive it.
I offer fantastic programs at amazing prices, and no one wants to buy them.
I offer great free content, and no one wants to hear it.

It's time to give up and quit. All my business has done is generate losses. Sure, I've helped people. I've helped people a LOT. But that doesn't matter. I can't make a profit. And I can help people without spending my own damn money.

Why write? I guess just as a hobby. But forget any idea of publishing. My one published book was a financial loss too. I'm really good at generating financial losses. Maybe I should be an accountant.

But no one would pay for that either.

I have two Master's degrees. I have outstanding academic records. I have accomplished a crazy amount of great things.

But my bottom line says no one wants me.

I quit. I'm done. Me Zero, Big Bad World One. Thanks to Jonathon Coulton for the words.

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