Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Are We Going To Tell Our Kids?

What will I tell my kids? This is the message I have seen over and over again on social media today in the wake of Trump’s victory.

I will tell my daughter the same things I always tell her.

  • I will tell her that President Elect Trump deserves our respect and our prayers.
  • I will tell her that respect and prayer does not equal support, affection, or trust. 
  • I will tell her that we must always think critically about the words and actions of the President. 
  • I will tell her that love always wins.
  • I will teach her about the powerful women in the Bible.
  • I will teach her about how the Kingdom of God comes inside small relationships, not through powerful governments.
  • I will teach her that all people deserve respect and compassion, regardless of their identity or actions.

And now, what will I tell myself?  

All I have to do is The Next Right Thing. All I have to do is Love Others. All I have to do is Show Up and Stay on My Mat. How do I know how that translates into action? Because of Isaiah 30:21. God’s still small voice is always in my ears, telling me the Next Step.

It’s up to us now. Whether we voted for Trump or Clinton or someone else, it’s up to us to create the world we want. The Republicans believe in small government, and they now have the power to create that. Which means it will be up to us, the citizens, to create the world we want in our cities and states. And it starts within our hearts.
  • Will we idolize the Bible and dole out grace in tiny doses?
  • Or will we love extravagantly, foolishly, and without boundaries?
  • Will we point out the speck in our neighbor’s eye?
  • Or will we remove the plank from our own eye?
  • Will we idolize government and offer praise to our elected leaders?
  • Or will we speak the truth to power even when it goes against our self-interests?
  • Will we continue to marginalize people?
  • Or will we choose to marginalize ourselves?
What am I going to tell my daughter? The same thing I always tell her. It's our job to create the Kingdom of God here on earth.

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