Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Top 10 Predictions for the Trump Presidency

I hope that I'm wrong about all of this, but unfortunately, despite what everyone keeps hoping and saying about President Elect Trump, he remains depressingly consistent. 
I have a few predictions for what will happen during Trump's Presidency.
10. His cabinet will be entirely composed of white men.
9. His children will be intimately involved, although in unofficial positions.
8. The Democrats will take back at least 1 branch of Congress in 2018.
7. Corruption will increase.
6. The deficit will not decrease: it will either increase or stay the same.
5. Ivanka will serve more First Lady functions than Melania.
4. At least one woman will be sexually assaulted by Trump, although he will dismiss her claims and settle out of court.
3. Trump will use the Presidency to benefit his businesses.
2. Trump's Supreme Court picks will be people who have done favors for Trump in the past, not people who the Republican party would ideally choose.
1. ISIS will continue to operate and grow in strength.

I hope and pray that I am wrong.

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