Tuesday, June 14, 2016

10 Things I Do Every Day

It's Top 10 Tuesday!
I'm a life coach, writer, and mompreneur. I'm also a fan of the Oxford comma. So what do I do every day to stay sane, happy, and centered?

10. I write. This is my second year in the 365K club of the awesome 10 Minute Novelists, and this year I am totally committed to DAILY writing.

9. I cross stitch. When 2016 rolled in, I was discouraged about my business and emotionally exhausted. I decided to commit to just 2 things: daily writing and a cross stitch project. I'm planning to enter this into the State Fair this year, which means I have to finish by mid September. So cross stitching every day is a big creative investment for me.
My State Fair project

8. I pray. I like to pray in the morning, after reading the Daily Lectionary, but if all else fails, I pray at night as I'm going to sleep.

7. I Facebook. Yep, I'm as addicted as everyone else!

6. I watch TV. I love the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which is a great thing to listen to while cross stitching. And even if I don't watch something for me, I will probably watch a little TV if my daughter is watching. So it may not be intentional, but it happens every day.

5. I cuddle my daughter. I mean, really, who could resist such a great easy high?

4. I medicate my 18 year old cat. Without his medicine he vomits everywhere.

3. I sleep. We don't often count sleep as an activity, but it's vital to our health! So yes, I sleep every single day and I'm proud of it!

2. I do Reiki. I'm a Reiki Master in training and I do a self treatment of Reiki daily.

1. I pay attention to my soul. Life is busy. I've learned to tune into my spirit and do what I need instead of what I "should."

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