Friday, June 3, 2016

What I Think about Thinx...

As I mentioned before, I became interested in Thinx when I saw a Facebook friend had "liked" them. I ordered a pair and used them for my May period. Here's my review! 

Thinx Review, Day 1

My period arrived to visit on Monday, much to my surprise. It seems that now that I’m on a regular 28 day cycle, I am constantly surprised by my period! I realized that I could finally test out my Thinx underwear, so I put on my “heaviest flow” pair Monday night when I put on my jammies. Feeling a little nervous, I added a towel under me.

When I got up Tuesday, there was a small leak. However, the first night of my period I often overflow my nighttime pad anyway. (Side note, what do all y’all do? Get up and change the pad? Deal with leaks?) I changed into my medium flow pair of Thinx and quickly rinsed out the Heaviest flow and threw it in the wash.

Sadly, after just under 2 hours, my medium flow Thinx had leaked. Some had gotten above the lined portion of the panty and some had flowed out the side into my jeans. I didn’t have time to change underwear, so I threw a pad on the Thinx and went on about my day. Later on I took the time to change panties and rinse out my medium flow Thinx. I did another load of laundry in prep for Day 2.

So far the Thinx has not outperformed pads. We’ll see how Day 2 goes.

Thinx Review, Day 2
I slept in my heaviest pair and they performed perfectly, no leaks. I also felt cleaner when I woke up. I think all of us can relate to the feeling we get from pads, whether they dry up and cling to our skin, or whether they fill up and blood dries on our skin, it’s uncomfortable. With the Thinx, I felt almost completely “normal.” It was a little unnerving – I actually wondered if my period had disappeared!

Because I had a busy morning ahead, I put on regular panties and a pad, but at 11:00 am I changed into my medium flow Thinx. I wore it for several hours with no leaks and was thoroughly pleased with how it performed. I felt cleaner and more comfortable than I do wearing pads.

Thinx Review, Final Thoughts
After my first two days, I was out of Thinx and had to go back to pads. I was not happy with the transition back. In fact, after 3 days, I did yet another load of laundry just so I could wrap up my period with my Thinx. For me, the last 2 days of my period are just barely enough to fill 1 pad a day, so Thinx was ideal for me on those days. They were far superior in comfort to a pad. In addition, they contained the odor much better than a pad did.

I plan to buy a few more pairs of Thinx. After the first day, Thinx underwear will fulfill my needs perfectly. The fit was great - enough coverage for my butt, comfortable, but not unattractive or "granny" like. I measured myself and ordered the size recommended by the Thinx website size chart. It's nice to have another option for my period!

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