Monday, April 13, 2015

10 Thoughts about Once Upon a Time

Sunday night’s latest episode of Once Upon a Time, Heart of Gold, wasn’t the strongest one I’ve seen, but it had one heckuva twist! If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading now


OK, so, here’s the twist: Marian is actually Zelena. In the immortal words of Neo, “Whoa.”

Because it’s Top 10 Tuesday, I’ve got 10 thoughts about this twist in particular and about Season 4 in general.

10. I love this twist! I loved Zelena, and I knew she wasn’t dead. I mean, anyone who watches the show knows that. Zelena is probably the best evil character we’ve had since Regina turned to the Light Side, and while I love Regina’s complex character, there’s something very satisfying about a purely evil villain like Zelena.

9. This twist explains beautifully why little Roland couldn’t save Marian’s life when she was freezing to death. His true love’s kiss would’ve failed just as surely as Robin’s did, although for a different reason. You can argue that Roland doesn’t know it’s not his mom, but I would argue back that true love can tell these things. I mean, Olivia totally understood that in the show Fringe!

8. I’ve never liked Marian, and now I know why. She’s always seemed very cold and hostile, and while sure, she had reason (or so we thought), she sure doesn’t display any lovable characteristics.

7. Some people say Zelena never would’ve given into the ice curse or let Regina take out her heart, but that was just part of being undercover. She is clearly more devoted to deep cover than Regina is.

6. Apparently some people are really upset because Regina and Robin committed adultery this season. I’m not upset by that. Here’s the thing: Regina and Robin almost certainly had already had sex before Marian came back. And yes, having sex again after her return is adultery, but this is a TV show, not a morality tale. Not to mention, Prince Charming sustained an affair with Mary Margaret and was altogether despicable about it, and no one seemed to mind then, except possibly me.

5. I loved the cliffhanger at the end. Who will Regina choose? Emma or Robin? Will she choose Emma and hope that the Heroes will find a way to get her a happy ending? Or will she choose Robin, which would put Emma on the path to darkness? And if Emma goes dark, will her light pass into Maleficent’s daughter?

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4. We are all but sure that Maleficent’s daughter is Emma’s young friend Lily. Where is Lily now? Wouldn’t it be awesome if Lily turned out to be Cruella? Like, she dabbled in dark magic and went back in time and became Cruella? This show is just crazy enough for this to happen. Besides, Maleficent’s family tree is way too easy at this point.

3. Henry is apparently destined to be a pawn next episode. I can’t wait to see Emma and Regina get angry and work together again.

2. I was a little sad that they have totally discounted the Oz storyline. Will Scarlet got to Oz by betraying Robin Hood’s trust, so Robin should have recognized him easily.

1. So the Author is ready to get back to writing. What caused him to create such black and white tales? Morality, or mischief? If he truly believes villains shouldn’t get happy endings, then how long will his belief stand up against Gold and company? 

Fellow Once fans, how do you feel? 

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