Thursday, April 23, 2015

U is for Unicorns

As a child, I believed completely in unicorns. I knew they were real. I drew them all the time. My parents were spared the typical little girl request for a pony because I didn’t want one. I wanted a unicorn, and I knew that was not something a person could just go and get. Unicorns existed, but they existed in a magical realm and were wild, not the kind of animal you kept as a pet.

I remember one year Barnum & Bailey Circus came to town, claiming to have a real unicorn in the show. I was so excited. We went and I watched eagerly, desperate to see the pure white steed with golden hair and golden horn. What I saw instead was a goat with 1 horn. A little white goat, with a stubby fat horn. Talk about disillusionment!

After that I let my belief in unicorns to fade into the small space in my brain where I held magic and fairies and “real” dolls. I still like to think that perhaps there were wild unicorns roaming in medieval lands, seeking out ladies with pure hearts.

Now that I have my own daughter I am unabashedly encouraging her belief in unicorns. I’m thrilled to discover that the My Little Pony franchise has a number of adorable unicorns, pegasi, and flying unicorns. We don’t watch the TV show, but I thoroughly enjoy the toys. 

Last summer I had a blast created a my little pony Unicorn party. I made unicorn horns for all the kids and adults! 

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