Monday, April 20, 2015

Top 10 questions about Once Upon A Time

Just watched Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time and I have some questions,  requests, and gratitudes. In no particular order, here they are. BEWARE, SPOILERS AHEAD!

10. Can Emma and Hook kiss more often? Like, maybe once every episode?

9. Does Emma really think giving Regina a gun is going to protect her?

8. Who names a baby Cruella?

7. Thank you, for making Cruella just plain evil. And for her awesome line to Maleficent owning up to her treatment of Lily.

6. Do you really expect me to believe that killing Cruella, the show’s only true evil villain, is supposed to be what turns Emma dark?

5. Also special thanks to Regina for her utter lack of sympathy, and then her lack of remorse when the Charmings gave her shocked faces.

4. What was Cruella planning to do with that magic pen? Untold wealth?

3. Using Belle’s heart to manipulate her was pretty sketchy on Regina’s part, but since it gave her the chance to taunt Rumpel with Will Scarlet’s superior kissing skills, I’ll allow it.

2. How is it that Rumpel is so unattractive, yet has such magnetism? Great acting!

1. Seriously, let’s have more screentime for Hook. And more kissing.

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