Wednesday, April 15, 2015

N is for New Girl

I started watching New Girl back when it first came on in 2011. I was hooked by the first two episodes. While some people find Zooey Deschanel and her whole “adorkable” thing annoying, I enjoy it. She’s not really the best part of the show, however. The best part of the show is how the whole cast works together. Watching the outtakes on YouTube is awesome, and suggests to me that all the actors enjoy working together, which probably brings a lot to the humor.
Here are the best aspects of New Girl.

Nick Miller’s face. Seriously, I think his face is about as mobile as Jim Carrey’s.

Schmidt and the douche jar. While they haven’t used the douche jar in many recent episodes, the whole over-the-top character that is Schmidt never gets old, at least not for me! 

Nick Miller’s complete incompetence 

Winston’s cat.

The way the whole loft comes together in times of crisis.

Are you a fan of New Girl? What's your favorite part?

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