Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for Lack

Lack comes in many forms. Financial, emotional, physical. I’m currently working with a money coach, so I’ve been thinking about financial lack a lot. She talks about Psalm 23:1, which in the translation she prefers says “The Lord is my shepherd, I do not lack.”
It’s easy to focus on lack regardless of our actual situation. For example, I’m a married mother of one in the US. I’m a homeowner with no car loans and enough money each month to spend money on things that aren’t necessities. Being part of the middle class in the US means I’m way ahead of most of the world. Yet I still focus on lack. I stress out about money. I worry about how to afford maintenance on my car and home. Primarily for me, I focus on financial lack in my business, which is almost 3 years old.
I’m working to shift this focus. Instead of lack, I focus on abundance. I focus on all that I do have. I also am working on my inner attitudes about money and my career. What are my beliefs? What are my worries? What do I secretly think when it comes to money and my ability to earn it, especially my ability to earn it as an entrepreneur?
Studies suggest that, even beyond ideas like the Secret or the Law of Attraction, how we think affects how we act. If we live with a mindset that focuses on lack, we will always lack, because we will make decisions that create lack. Whereas when we have an mindset of abundance and provision, we create more of it through our actions.
This is my journey thus far. I look forward to discovering where my business will be next year!


  1. I think this is a condition of our time. I always focus on "lack" too. At Christmas, we were talking about this. My brother walked in the house and asked where the beer was, I said, "In the other fridge, in the garage." Two fridges, and MOST people in this world are struggling to feed themselves and their family. I lack nothing. Great post! Visiting from A to Z. laurengreenewrites.com

  2. Like you, and like so many others, I also tended to focus on "lack" a lot, especially after I got sick and had to quit working and doing so many things I loved. It is still a struggle sometimes. Generally however, through conditioning, like with "Gratitude Journals", Visualization, "Thought stopage" of negative thoughts, --thinking of blessings has become more the norm. Good for you for moving on to focusing on joy and the positive abundance in your life!

  3. Thanks to both of you for the encouragement! Yes, Lauren, I do especially see the irony of being an American and thinking I don't have enough!! And Helen, you're so right that it's the conditioning of our thoughts that brings the breakthrough!